5 Best Android Emulators for Ubuntu

Best Android Emulators for Ubuntu

Looking for some of the best Android emulators for ubuntu? Well if the answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. For developers, Android emulators are one of the important apps that they should install on their Ubuntu computer.

As you already know the fact there are not so many Android emulators are available for Ubuntu when compared to Windows. Hence it is little tough for most of us to find the best Android emulator for our Ubuntu computer.

However just to help you out I have handpicked 5 best Android emulators for Ubuntu. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time.

5 Best Android Emulators for Ubuntu:


First of all we have the Genymotion. It is one of the most popular Android Emulators that you can install on your computer. However it is not free, the indie license of Genymotion is priced at $136/year for a single user and the business license is priced at $412/year for each user. It comes with different devices, so just in case if you want to test your app on multiple Android devices. Then this is a perfect tool. Or just in case if you are planning to use Genymotion for planning Android games then there is a Tablet option as well. Also just in case if you are wondering how to install genymotion on ubuntu? Then you can check out the article.


Up next we have the AnBox or you can say Android in a box. The thing about the Anbox is that is works differently when compared to the other Android Emulators. Where other emulators creates its new kernel and virtual hardware to run Android apps. The AnBox runs android apps without any additional kernel or virtual. Also it is a completely open source project, so you do not have to invest a single penny to install AnBox on your Ubuntu machine. However you will not be able to install Android apps directly from the Google Play store. So all you need is to take a help from ADB installer. So you need to install ADB at first and then you have to install AnBox on your Ubuntu machine.



Shashlik is one of the best Android emulators for ubuntu as well as for other Linux distros. The best thing about this Android emulator for Ubuntu is that, using this you will be able to run an Android application directly from the start menu. However the apps still runs inside an emulator. Its like the Shashlik boots up the android emulator each time you try to open an Android app on your ubuntu machine. Hence as a result it takes a while to start an Android app. Also for an installation guide of Shashlik you can check out the official website of the application.

Andro VM:

Andro VM is a parent project of the Genymotion also you can use it completely offline on your Ubuntu computer. However just like Genymotion, you need to install VirtualBox at first. Andro VM can be easily installed on your 32bit or 64bit Ubuntu machine. So the question is how to install Andro VM on Ubuntu?. Well the answer is pretty easy, at first you have to download VirtualBox if you still haven’t. Then you need to download a stable Android image file and install it via the VirtualBox. Once you are done installing the iso you are all set to use Android on your Ubuntu computer.

Andy OS:

Andy OS is one of the popular Android Emulators that exist on the internet. However there is no dedicated Linx version available for this android emulator. However it can be installed directly on your Windows or Mac computer. But while installing the android emulator on ubuntu you need to take a help from the Orcale Virtual Machine. So to install Andy OS on your  Ububtu machine download the Virtualbox at first  and then install Andy OS. The whole process is quite simple so you will not struggle while installing the app.

Final Words:

So that was all for the 5 Best Android Emulators for Ubuntu. However I would like to suggest you to try out Genymotion at first, as it is quite easy to use.

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